On With Learning
 Assessment, Advocacy,              Transition 

On With Learning offers comprehensive education consulting and advocacy services to meet the educational needs of your child.

We offer:

  • Evalutations, Assessments and Program Review
  • Special Education Advocacy Services
  • Transition Planning and College Placement

Online Services - Assessments, Evaluations and Program Review
On With Learning can help you to become an effective advocate for your child no matter where you are in the special education process.

We will conduct a confidential, comprehensive review of your child's current records and provide a written report recommending specific next steps in advocating for your child. These recommendations could include suggestions for addditional assessments, revisions to exisiting 504/IEP's, recommendations for getting your child classified for special education with goals and services for an initial IEP, useful references to relevant education law, and guidance on Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) placement. Documents to be provided would be kept in strictest confidence and returned to you. Documents would include: student's 504/IEP (and up to 2 year's prior 504/IEP) will review your student's IEP (and up to two prior IEPs), student's independent writing samples, school and/or private evaluations and assessments, report cards, work samples and relevant school correspondence.   Fee: $300 
Special Education Advocacy Services

Being revised. - please call 914-582-4248 if you are interested in advocacy services.

Transition Planning and College Placement

Being revised. - please call 914-582-4248 if you are interested in transition planning services.